What would be enough?

This song describes exactly how I’ve been feeling lately.
This feeling takes a lot of my time and energy, energy that I don’t have left anymore.
But what to do?Β Falling in love is a strong feeling and you can’t choose who you’re falling for.
Next question, will you keep on fighting? If so, then when is it time to stop fighting for what you want?

I have given all myself
All that I had left to give
All the reasons I confront
No more reason left to live
If that ain’t enough, oh, no, no
Tell me why it’s not enough

Even when you let me down
I forgive you in the end
What goes round comes back around
So I’ll wait for you till then
If that’s not enough, oh, no, no
Tell me what would be enough, be enough, be enough, be enough

And what is love
If you’re still searching for something?
And what is love
If it’s building up to nothing?
We’ll never see how far we’ve come
But we keep looking at the sun
So what is love
If we’re still searching for something?

Take my heart back from your hands
And my pride back from your sheets
I’ll believe while I still can
Taking back the best of me
If this ain’t enough, no, no, no
Then I guess I’ve had enough, had enough, had enough, had enough…”

“Haunt me like a ghost “

“I keep waking up
In the middle of the night
You keep showing up
Running ’round in my mind

Haunt me like a ghost
Even with my eyes closed
I can see your face in the dark
I feel you in my bones
Like a chill so cold
You’re making your way to my heart
Like a ghost”

And then a nice party song by Usher and Martin Garrix. “Don’t look down” 😊

“I Believe In You”

Everyone needs to hear those four words now and then, cause everyone doubt themselves somehow. 

I just loove this song and Mariette, she sings it soo perfectly. I’ve been waiting for this song to be available on Spotify and now when it is, it’s on repeat. 😊

Don’t stop believing in yourself and others and don’t give up your wishes and dreams.

I hope she wins and goes to Eurovision Song Contest!
Enjoy ❀️

On & Off

This song is great and the video is hot! πŸ˜‰

Finally a new great song by the wonderful Krista Siegfrids! I’m waiting for the whole album to get finished and published 😊 Wish You Krista good luck with the writing and recording πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

“Don’t complicate it. Don’t drive yourself insane.”

In just a few days “Fifty Shades Of Grey” will be released at the cinema. People are going crazy over this movie, the premiere tickets are already sold out. I will go see this movie because of all the talking about it BUT today I started listen to the soundtracks.
I’m just telling you, they made me wanna go see the movie right away ;) every song is soo good!

Here’s one of my absolute favorite!