On & Off

This song is great and the video is hot! 😉

Finally a new great song by the wonderful Krista Siegfrids! I’m waiting for the whole album to get finished and published 😊 Wish You Krista good luck with the writing and recording 👍😊

“Don’t complicate it. Don’t drive yourself insane.”

In just a few days “Fifty Shades Of Grey” will be released at the cinema. People are going crazy over this movie, the premiere tickets are already sold out. I will go see this movie because of all the talking about it BUT today I started listen to the soundtracks.
I’m just telling you, they made me wanna go see the movie right away ;) every song is soo good!

Here’s one of my absolute favorite!

“Quiet words, soothe the hurt, whisperer”

I was standing on the edge
I’d long for a new beginning
But I couldn’t look down, but I couldn’t look down
I’m a coward

A million voices screamed in my head
And I felt sure that I would give in
So why couldn’t I now? Why couldn’t I now?
Your voice was louder

By design God gave me feelings
And by design they shall not kill
But when the noises overwhelm me
I feel sure that they will

Oh, liberation, comes in whatever form to save me
I am burdened, and then the whisper comes
You whisper in the breeze
Whispers that I’m needing
Quiet words, soothe the hurt, whisperer

And though I struggle through the days now
It helps to know that you are listening
So I just wait it out
I’ll wait this out, by the hour…