World peace.


Exactly!? Yesterday I wrote about love, today it’s about peace. The text on the pic is SO true! I’m not the only one who thinks about that. Why does it has to be so damn messed up and complicated? Why can’t everyone mind their own business, be kind to one another and in that way spread love and happiness to the world around us?

Be positive, be happy, be honest but in a nice way, smile and think about others, not just yourself. Then maybe maybe maybe, we will someday find some peace in this world.

“We will dance in the rain despite all of the pain,
What the world really needs is to feel love again,
In a world that it needs to feel love again”

I’m still living in a dream.

I think we all can agree on that love has never been something easy. To be in love is a feeling that can be both amazing and frightening at the same time. You can never read your partners mind (friend/boyfriend/girlfriend), you have to be brave and say/ask what you want to know. For me, that’s the hardest part, to take a risk and give all of you, to take a chance and not be afraid it will fail.

Some people have a bad habit to always think the worse “he’s not interested”, “he will find someone else”, “I’m not pretty enough” and so on. Even though you all are as good as you are. You just need to find a person that sees and bring out the best in you! It’s easy for me to say this to others, even though I think the same way myself, but at least I’m now trying my best.

Take a bigger risk, you might get hurt but isn’t it more important that you at least tried?

This song will speak for itself, just click on the image!images

I’m still wishing on a star, hoping you will feel me, wherever you are. I’m still living in a dream, someday you will fall in love with me…