Can you fall in love with someone just by listening to them?
I think so, cause I’m completely in love with Tyler Wards voice and music!! ❀️

He’s using a lot of harmonies and different sounds in the music which I like.
This song is, as itself, very simple, but with his magical touch it’s, in my opinion, a really good song! 😊

And I can’t avoid to mention that he is kinda qute ☺️

Two new songs!

Here I am again, long time no see.. Not good. I’ve missed giving music to you, but somehow this blog has been forgotten by me, but I will step up and try to stay updated from now on πŸ˜‰

So, here’s my two absolute favourite girls (especially the first one)!
They are soo beautiful, nice bodies, great songs and they can both sing and dance really good! My inspiration: BeyoncΓ© and Nicole Scherzinger πŸ’–

Conchita πŸ’– and a few other top songs!

As I watched Eurovision Somg Contest last night I thought I wanted to let you know my favourites. But I got too tired so you’ll get them today instead.

Overall I thought it was a few never-forget-songs, many good songs, many okey songs and a few don’t-mind-remember-songs in the competition πŸ˜ƒ and here’s my top 6!
(but I need to say that Finlands Softengine also had a really great song even though they’re not on my list!) πŸ˜‰

As you see/hear they’re all ballads :)
Usually I used to like the up-tempo songs, I thought they belong to ESC. But this year I know why I liked the ballads: because in a ballad you concentrate on the song, the music and the lyrics! The show around it all can’t tell if it’s a good song or not.

So all creds to Conchita who just have to stand there with her big, wonderful, clean voice and an amazing song!! And she took the competition to a whole other level together with the other ballads!
Congratulations Austria!! πŸ’–

“Clap along if You know what happiness is to You”

I’m in love with this song, to me it never gets bored. Although here’s a cover of it with one of my favourite “cover-singer”, Kina Grannis
And for the record, today I feel just fine! The sun is shining and I’m not tired.
I’m going to look at an appartement today after work, and then I got to go dancing at the dancestudio, which for the moment goes really good. I feel like I’m getting better and more secure! Believe in yourself and just give your all 😜
#Showtanssistudio Taina Kovalainen