He’s a favourite! 😉

I just loove this guy!! His covers are really good and his voice, I’m melting everytime I’m listening to him!! Not to mention he’s kinda qute 😘
I obviously have a thing for singing and guitar- playing guys ❤️

Here’s a funny version of Jason Derulos song “Talk Dirty To me” 😊

“Hang on and stay strong”

It’s been a while..again.. I’m sorry, but I’m in a very difficult position and I’ve been thinking a lot about myself, my feelings and what I’m gonna do. I still have a lot to figure out so I won’t tell you anymore for the moment.
But you’ll get music :-) and this time two songs, one rock song and the other one is so beautiful, just a guitar and two soft and beautiful voices!


It will be a great day!

I woke up today with a much better feeling than yesterday! I slept so good so I’m not even a little tired :-)
Now I’m on my way to work, the sun is shining and I’m hoping for a good day!

My parents are also coming to visit me for the weekend, that’s nice!!

Have a great day and an amazing weekend! ;-)