Step Up is back!

I can’t barely wait! The Step Up dance movies are back with a new one, and it’s going to be released 8.8 in Finland. I’m counting days now..

Not because it’s a good movie, the story is kind of obvious, but for the great dancing in it! The choreos are more than just dancing, it’s the music and all the effects and the different styles the dancers got. Everything!

And the cute Adam Sevani aka Moose is in it 😉


Can you fall in love with someone just by listening to them?
I think so, cause I’m completely in love with Tyler Wards voice and music!! ❤️

He’s using a lot of harmonies and different sounds in the music which I like.
This song is, as itself, very simple, but with his magical touch it’s, in my opinion, a really good song! 😊

And I can’t avoid to mention that he is kinda qute ☺️

Two new songs!

Here I am again, long time no see.. Not good. I’ve missed giving music to you, but somehow this blog has been forgotten by me, but I will step up and try to stay updated from now on 😉

So, here’s my two absolute favourite girls (especially the first one)!
They are soo beautiful, nice bodies, great songs and they can both sing and dance really good! My inspiration: Beyoncé and Nicole Scherzinger 💖